Manus Accessories

Complete your Prime X gloves with Manus Accessories. Add Manus Accessories to your Quote Request when selecting your Prime X Gloves. Or Visit Manus Store to order directly.


One of the key features of the Prime X series is the easy implementation of third party hardware.

The Adapters are made of a high-quality polymer making them resilient and usable in any situation. Our innovative sliding system allows for easy attachment to the Prime X series Gloves.

Add your preferred Adapter to your quote request by selecting when ordering your Prime X gloves.

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Glove Textiles

With many hours of use, it’s essential to keep gloves in top shape and ready to go for your next session. We’ve made Prime X glove textiles washable by easy removal of sensors from the glove textile.

All users can have their own personal set, simply swap the sensors from one textile to another to use the same hardware ensuring responsible hygienic use.

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Manus Charging Station& Batteries

Eliminate downtime by charging the batteries of your Prime X gloves while you work on your project. Charge up to 6 batteries with the Manus Charging Station.

Manus Prime X Series Gloves come equipped with interchangeable batteries. Powering your gloves for up to 5 hours during continuous uninterrupted use.