Charging Station

‍Manus enables an uninterrupted workflow with interchangeable batteries and Manus Charging Station. Fully charge your batteries when depleted in just over 1 hour and 15 minutes.

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Charge up to 6 batteries

Eliminate downtime by charging the batteries of your Manus products while you work on your project. Charge up to 6 batteries with the Manus Charging Station.

Manus batteries power the gloves for 5-hours of continuous use and with the Manus charging Station, you can swap the batteries on the fly.

Supported Products

Prime X Series

The new generation of data gloves for motion capture and virtual reality.

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Xsens Gloves

The finger tracking solution for Xsens MVN motion capture Software.

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Pro Tracker

SteamVR tracking for Motion Capture, Virtual Production and Full Body Tracking.

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Prime II Series

Second generation of the Prime series. Suitable for both Motion Capture and Virtual Reality.

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