High Fidelity Finger Tracking
Motive 3 Integration
Plug & Play

Stream finger data directly in Motive 3.0

Add Manus finger data directly into Motive 3.0 with the Manus OptiTrack gloves.

Empower your motion capture data with minimal impact on your existing pipeline.

Stream highly accurate and detailed finger data into Motive 3.0 effortlessly. The finger data provided by OptiTrack gloves by Manus will be combined together with the OptiTrack body data inside Motive 3.0.

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Quick and Easy Calibration

Get started in less than a minute. With only three simple gestures the OptiTrack Gloves' calibration is accurately tailored to your hands.
The calibration profile is then stored on the glove, allowing them to be used over multiple sessions.

Stay charged

No need to break your workflow for charging thanks to the new replaceable batteries and the Manus Charging Station. See our accessories page for more information.

Manus Accesories

Washable Gloves

The electronics module can be quickly removed from the textile glove, allowing for the glove to be washed or replaced.

Multiple Sizes

Additional textile gloves are available, and the electronics module fits both sizes. The Prime X gloves are available in the sizes S/M and M/L.

Plus Edition

Use OptiTrack gloves by Manus as a stand-alone solution, outside of Motive 3.0, with the Plus Edition. This package comes with a timecoding cable and all the Manus plugins, including the Motionbuilder, Unity, and Unreal Engine plugins.

Licensing & Support

The OptiTrack Gloves come with a perpetual Manus Core license, a 12-month warranty, and product life-time support and updates.

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