A central full-body IK-solver for diverse setups

Manus Polygon, our latest Inversed Kinematics software, is a key-feature of Manus Core.

The IK-system generates an accurately proportioned virtual human skeleton, and seamlessly re-targets and synchronizes your motion to a chosen avatar.

This system supports up to 8 trackers. Giving you a versatile solution for motion capture as well as virtual reality, without the need for a motion-capture suit.

Polygon Explained

Curious to see what Polygon is all about? Take a look at this video explaining what Polygon is, what you need, and how to set it up.

With Polygon you can easily visualize and record your movements in a virtual environment.

Polygon can be used for virtual reality as well as motion capture. Allowing you to capture body hand and finger movement in combination with the Prime X series.

Full Body Mocap with Polygon

Manus Polygon supports up to 8 trackers. Enabling you to use polygon for motion capture. Stream directly into Unity, Unreal Engine, and Motionbuilder.

Polygon is also compatible with your favorite software through FBX recordings.

Realistic Interactions in Virtual Worlds

Use Polygon with Prime II Haptic gloves for a fully immersive experience.

When a project or team collaboration in VR requires real-time sensations of natural touch and intuitive prop interactions, it’s essential to combine Polygon with the Manus Prime II Haptic gloves.

The Polygon and Prime II Haptic combination provide a portable and efficient solution used from any location and within any size volume.

Find out more about Prime X Haptic VR

Quick and Easy Calibration

Unique to Polygon is the Self-calibrate tool. Designed for speed and maximum ease-of-use. The quick 7-step calibration process allows the user to operate with full autonomy.

Setting up can be done within 2 minutes. As shown in the video.

Polygon ensures speedy set-up as it automatically assigns data points to corresponding trackers delivering a full-body avatar within seconds.


Polygon is a key-feature of Manus Core and is accessible through the Manus Dashboard.

Manus Core is available as an annual or perpetual license. Including full Manus technical support during the license period, free third-party plugins, and frequent updates.

Visit the Manus Core product page for more information.

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