Manus SteamVR Pro Tracker

The Manus Pro Tracker is a professional SteamVR tracker designed specifically for Motion Capture, Virtual Production, and full-body Virtual Reality.

For more detailed information about the SteamVR Pro Tracker, download the product catalog.

Continuous Workflow

Using swappable batteries

The Pro Tracker is the only SteamVR tracker that has an interchangeable battery. In addition to the improved 4½ hours of real-world battery life, the battery can effortlessly be replaced within seconds. Using the Manus Charging Station further reduces downtime to a minimum, allowing users to stay productive for as long as they need. Fully charge the Pro Tracker through USB-C in just over an hour.

Mount and shoot

With our universal connector

Without any extra hardware, the Pro Tracker connects directly to a cold shoe camera mount. The integrated mount reduces weight and bulk, making camera tracking even simpler. No adapter, no hassle.

The integrated universal mount enables easy and direct attachment of the Manus Pro Tracker to other devices and adapters. Simply slide to connect.

Manus Pro Tracker for SteamVRUniversal Mounting System


Attach the Pro Tracker to any professional camera gear using the ¼” thread adapter. Whether it’s camera cages, clamps, stabilizers, arms, ball heads, or tripods; it’s compatible with all.

Track any surface or any object with the Adhesive Tape adapter. Simply attach it, to track it. It’s that simple.

¼” Thread adapter

Tape adapter

The Perfect Pair

Mounted to the Prime X Series Gloves

Directly attach the Pro Tracker on Manus Prime X Series Motion Capture & Virtual Reality gloves. The direct Pro Tracker attachment makes positional hand tracking simple and straightforward. Perfect for Motion Capture, Virtual Production, and Virtual Reality.

Manus Pro Tracker for SteamVR

Made for Virtual Production

The Pro Tracker is perfect for virtual display tracking, allowing you to easily preview and record your virtual scenes. Thanks to the removable battery and the lightweight, you can keep working for as long as you need. Simply attach the Pro Tracker to your rig and start your virtual production.

Manus Pro Tracker for SteamVR

Accurate SteamVR Tracking

Not only does the Manus Pro Tracker feature the most sensors in any SteamVR tracker available, but it also uses the latest sensors of its kind resulting in more reliable SteamVR data. Whether the tracker is used for Motion Capture, Virtual Production, or Virtual Reality, it is the most accurate SteamVR tracker available.

Manus Pro Tracker for SteamVR

Compatible with Xsens MVN

Use the Manus Pro Tracker for 3D Positional Aiding in Xsens MVN, together with an Xsens Motion Capture suit and Xsens gloves by Manus.

Xsens Gloves
Xsens Gloves By Manus


Runtime & API

Hardware Specifications

Battery Duration
4,5 hrs (swappable)
Battery Charging Duration
1 hour and 15 minutes
Charging Port
USB-C (5V)
62 grams
Mount compatibility
Manus Universal Mounting System, Cold Shoe
Wireless range
Up to 25 meters
SteamVR base station compatibility
Version 1.0 & 2.0
Full detailed specifications available in Product Catalog.