Baobab Studios: A Movie Experience Like No Other

Jack VR is an immersive VR movie experience made by Baobab Studios and director Mathias Chelebourg. A re-imagined fairytale world and a unique and visionary VR experience.

The goal was to create a cinematic VR-experience with a live actor. With a Motion Capture solution by OptiTrack, the actor could instantly transform into a character in the virtual world and interact with the public.

A major part of acting is the use of hands. Gestures strengthen the emotions. Being able to use the hands freely during the experience was important. Another requirement was for the actor being able to interact with physical props.

Different obstacles had to be overcome to get this experience to work. The hand-tracking solution had to be compatible with OptiTrack, have a long-range, the ability to interact with props and good battery life.

The Manus VR Gloves eliminate all of these obstacles. Our gloves are compatible with multiple MoCap systems such as VICON, Xsens, ART and of course OptiTrack. With an optimal range of up to 20 meters, no limits for interaction with props and 4-6 hour battery life the gloves were the perfect fit for the Jack VR-experience.

About Baobab Studios
Baobab Studios is one of the worlds leading VR animation studios. Their goal is to make wondrous immersive experiences in fantastical worlds. With multiple award-winning animations, Baobab Studios paves the way to a bright future.