Group XXII: Creating A Multiplayer, Mixed Reality Escape Room

Gaming in VR is fun, but do you know what’s even more fun? Gaming in VR with your friends. Group XXII, a French creation studio developed a collaborative VR simulation with the Manus VR Gloves.Making a mixed reality experience

“While preparing for Laval Virtual, we had the idea to develop a mixed reality experience, using different technologies while interacting directly with virtual objects.
We had the environment, a submarine, and the idea to make a collaborative and multiplayer simulation. The XXII-team wanted to bring participants into a virtual submarine to repair its defective engine. The only issue here was that we wanted more than just classic controls. We wanted to combine the virtual world with the real world.”

How the Manus VR Gloves help
“We used the Manus VR Gloves because we wanted to create the ultimate interactive and collaborative simulation.The gloves bring a more realistic look to the immersive simulation. The user can see his/her fingers moving and be more precise in their actions. With the gloves, users can touch physical objects that are also visible in VR. It’s amazing.”

About Group XXIIFounded in 2015 by William Eldin and Damien Mulhem, XXII is a deep tech specialist working on two activities:
XXII STUDIO – A Creation studio focusing on innovative, interactive and immersive software, content and apps in VR / AR / MR.
XXII AI – An intelligence provider, a marketplace of bio-inspired AI skills for security, retail and environment.

With 40+ talented and passionate PhDs, engineers, developers and creatives in France, China and the US, XXII’s mission is to build tomorrow’s tools to augment Human and its senses.