Prime X Haptic VR

The new generation of data gloves with haptic feedback for virtual reality. Immersive hands-on experiences in any virtual environment. Compatible with: Unreal Engine, Unity, IC.IDO, VRED®* and Teamcenter®*.

*Integrations Expected in Q4 2021

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Manus Core

Manus Core, our data-handling software, is the central hub for all Manus products.

With Plugins for third-party software that allow you to stream your data and in realtime to directly onto your custom character in Unity, Unreal, MotionBuilder.

Get started in less than a minute. Your Manus gloves can be calibrated quickly with just three simple gestures.

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Manus Pro Tracker

Developed according to the needs of professional users, Manus aims to deliver significant upgrades for SteamVR based tracking.

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Complete your Prime X gloves with Manus Accessories.

Add Manus Accessories to your Quote Request when selecting your Prime X Gloves.

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