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Prime II Xsens: Finger tracking with MVN Animate webinar

How to use Manus Prime II Xsens gloves in MVN Animate?In this webinar, we talk about the Prime II Xsens Gloves and our partnership with Xsens. Mainly focused on how the Prime II Xsens Gloves complete your performance capture in Xsens MVN!

Manus Core: Demonstration & Use Cases webinar

See how others have implemented Manus products in their amazing projects and creations. Along with, a demonstration of all the features of Manus Core and, a short explanation of our new pricing structure.

Manus Prime II ART glove announcement

A showcase of the power of the Prime II ART gloves, which enables high-end finger tracking inside of your ART solution.

Prime II gloves - High fidelity motion capture webinar

This webinar highlights the motion capture possibilities of the MANUS Prime II gloves. During this video, we showcase our Motionbuilder plugin, Unreal Engine plugin, and our FBX recorder.

HeaGDC Online | Introducing MANUS™ Developmentsding

We are proud to share with you our latest developments during GDC Summer Online. During this event, we will demonstrate how easy it is to implement MANUS™ hardware and software into your Unity or Unreal Engine project. We will also take a look at the integration of Manus Prime II Xsens integration into the Xsens MVN software.

GDC Online | Unity plugin showcase for Prime II gloves and Polygon

A demonstration of our Unity plugin showcased at GDC Online. In this video, you can see how easy it is to retarget MANUS™ finger tracking for motion capture onto your custom 3D hand model. Afterward, we demonstrate the same retargeting onto a custom full-body character with the use of Manus Polygon, our full-body IK solver.

GDC Online | MANUS™ Xsens MVN integration showcase

In this video, we are showcasing how you can use the Prime II Xsens directly in your Xsens pipeline. With a beautiful example as the virtual concert of John Legend by WaveXR and content creation of 3rd World Studios.

Prime II & Polygon: Full-body and Finger tracking Showcase

A live demo of the new Manus Prime II gloves and Polygon, our full-body IK solver. With a Q&A at the end.