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Motion Capture Gloves

High fidelity motion capture gloves for any mocap pipeline.

MANUS Quantum Mocap Metagloves are compatible with industry standard software suites. Whether you stream your data directly through Xsens MVN or Motive 3, or add the finger capture data at a later stage in the pipeline through FBX imports, the broad feature suite of Manus Core is suitable for every pipeline.

Integrate seamlessly with Industry Standards

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Motion Capture Gloves

High fidelity motion capture gloves for any mocap pipeline. Next level finger capture with the all new Quantum Tracking Technology

Mocap Gloves

Mocap Gloves

Motion capture gloves to shape the metaverse with human emotion

Create stunning animations with human emotion by using the MANUS Quantum Mocap Metagloves. The new MANUS Quantum technology makes it possible to capture the most precise finger data and import it directly into Unreal, Unity, Polygon, MVN Animate, Motive, and more.

Finger Tracking for motion capture and VR

Enter virtual worlds and see your fingers move as if you are really there. You will feel more immersed than ever after adding accurate hand and finger data to your virtual reality setup. By combining high precision finger tracking with haptic feedback technology, users can even feel objects in the virtual world. Without the precise finger tracking of motion capture gloves, the haptics would not give feedback at the right moment, breaking the immersion.

What are Motion capture gloves?

Motion capture gloves provide tracking data of the hands and fingers by implementing various types of sensors inside the glove. MANUS Polygon is our free motion capture software that combines finger tracking data and full-body tracking data. By combining finger tracking data with full-body motion capture data, it is possible to create completely animated characters with lifelike movements. Motion capture gloves are used by animation studios, game studios, and many more to create next level animations.

Mocap gloves with integrations for realistic full-body animation

Create lifelike characters by combining finger and hand tracking data with full body and facial tracking solutions. MANUS provides integrations and plugins for well-known motion capture solutions such as Xsens, OptiTrack, and more. MANUS Core enables you to stream your data in realtime into your custom project in Unity, Unreal Engine, MotionBuilder or MVN Animate.

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