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Quantum Bodypack


Combining the Quantum Metagloves with the Quantum Bodypack allows you to increase your productivity and reliability of data significantly.

  • On Body Recording
  • Zero Data Loss
  • Unlimited Range
  • Export as Solved Hands Skeletons or Virtual Markers
  • Triggered Recording with Timecode & Genlock Compatibility
  • No Subscription Costs

Zero Loss on-body recording at 120 fps

Record every frame at 120 frames per second with zero data loss on the on-board storage of the Quantum Bodypack. Effortlessly export these recordings as .FBX or .CSV files.

Unlimited range live streaming over WiFi

Extend your range through WiFi 6 streaming over local network. Stream live hand capture data over WiFi to any workstation running OptiTrack Motive 3, Autodesk MotionBuilder, Unreal Engine or Unity .

Export as Solved Hand Skeletons or Virtual Markers

Export data as solved hands or virtual markers for hassle free integration with optical pipelines.

Triggered recording with Timecode & Genlock compatibility

Remote triggered recording enables the option for synchronized recording of hand data and other tracking data including compatibility for Timecode and Genlock.

No Subscription Costs

Stream live hand capture data over WiFi to any workstation running OptiTrack Motive 3, Autodesk MotionBuilder, Unreal Engine or Unity without subscription costs.

Free Software Development Kit (SDK)

Our open SDK allows for building any other integration.

Quantum tracking

True hand capture up to your bones.

The MANUS Quantum technology creates an accurate hand skeleton by automatically calibrating your hand size. The Quantum Tracking sensors of the Metagloves send the finger data to our software, which creates an accurate digital copy of your hand that can mimic even your most complex movements and poses.

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Get hands-on in virtual reality.

Accurately interact with objects in virtual worlds to create immersive virtual training environments and experiences.

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Natural movements captured effortlessly

Capture even the smallest details. The Quantum Tracking Technology allows you to capture even the most subtle nuances of human motion and bring them to life digitally. In this side-by-side comparison you can see how lifelike the unedited motion capture data from our Quantum Metagloves is. Download unedited sample data by clicking the button below the video and experience the next level of finger capture.

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Technical Specifications


500GB (~8.000 recorded hours)


Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax), 2,4GHz/5GHz


1 Gbps

Triggered Recording

Vicon, OptiTrack, Qualisys, Xsens, Rokoko, PeelCapture


Supported, through external device


Supported, through external device


USB Type-C Power Delivery

Power Input

12V/3A (PD 1.0), 15V/1.8-3.0A (PD 2.0/3.0)

Power Consumption


Battery Life (on 90Wh Power Bank)

~6 hours


3x USB 3.2 Type-A


Wireless over Wi-Fi, Wired over Ethernet/USB/HDMI


128.6 mm (5.06 inches)


154.0 mm (6.06 inches)


27.6 mm (1.09 inches)


235.2 grams (8.30 ounces)