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Convey your message in every pipeline.

Effortlessly create captivating content by adding hand capture to your setup. Perfect for Indie Mocap, Previsualization, Live Performance streaming and V-tubing. Plug-and play integrations with industry standards for unrivaled ease of use.

Indie Mocap

image: @llainwire

Elevate your characters with lifelike and intuitive hand capture. Effortlessly capture your movements and elevate your capture to performance capture without a complicated pipeline.

Live performance

image: @rorobeckley

Bring emotion and humanity to your virtual characters by adding accurate hand- and finger capture. Complete your live capture setup with hand and finger motion without complicating your setup by streaming straight to Unreal or Unity. Ideal for live performance and V-tubing.


Take your previz pipeline closer to the final result by adding convincing hand capture. Improve your previsualization process by adding hands and fingers, allowing you to more accurately frame your final shots.

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The MANUS Prime 3 gloves are enhanced with Quantum AI. This advanced machine learning algorithm is trained with industry-leading Quantum tracking data and is seamlessly applied to your Prime 3 data in real time.​​The MANUS Quantum AI will be continuously improved over time and natively embedded in MANUS Core.​

Quantum data used by Tesla​

Tesla is currently using MANUS Quantum Metagloves to create a dataset which helps them train their Tesla Bots.

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Quantum data training QUANTUMAI

We are using Quantum Metagloves in a similar way to generate best-in-class finger tracking datasets which we use as the foundation for our Quantum AI.

Seamlessly applied to the Prime 3​

Quantum AI effortlesly improves Prime 3 data in real-time providing improved fidelity and accuracy.

Quantum tracking

Stories enriched with fingers.

All Use Cases

JuL - Tropical (2023)

Llainwire - Demons (2023)

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Technical Specifications

Signal latency

≤ 7.5ms

Sensor sample rate


Battery duration

10 hours (swappable batteries)

Charging time

3 hours (USB Type-C)


134 grams

Wired communication

USB Type-C

Wireless communication

Bluetooth Low Energy 5

Supported operating system

Windows 10/11

Finger sensor type

5x 2DoF Flexible sensors and 6x 9DoF IMU’s

Finger Flexible Sensor Repeatability

>1.000.000 cycles

Textile information

77% Polyester, 23% Spandex