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Virtual Reality Gloves

Experience lifelike interactions in VR with highly accurate finger capture.

Achieve higher levels of immersion in VR through the natural use of your hands and fingers. Remove the barrier of using controllers and open up the possibilities of direct interaction. Stream the capture data direct to Unity and Unreal through the MANUS Core plugins. With the Manus mounting system, combine the use of the gloves with any external tracking system.

Virtual Reality Gloves

Achieve higher levels of immersion in VR through the natural use of your hands and fingers.

VR Gloves

VR Gloves

VR Software & Accessories

Haptic VR gloves for realistic interactions with 3D models

Interact with virtual objects with your hands instead of a controller by wearing VR gloves with haptic feedback technology. The powerful combination of finger tracking gloves with haptic feedback technology makes it possible to accurately feel 3D objects in your VR environments. This is ideal for VR training and simulations, to create an immersive learning experience.

Feel virtual objects with haptic gloves

Haptic VR gloves will make you feel as if you are touching 3D objects by providing haptic feedback when touching an object in a 3D environment. This feedback will provide vibrations on the fingertips to simulate the presence of an object.

What are VR gloves?

VR gloves are an alternative to VR controllers. By removing the need of controllers, a higher degree of immersion can be achieved. Haptic feedback modules can be integrated to add a sense of feeling, which adds even more immersion into the metaverse. 

Finger tracking VR with motion capture gloves

By combining motion capture gloves with haptic feedback technology, precise movements in VR can be used to convey touch. Full-body motion capture software can be used in combination with SteamVR trackers and VR gloves to provide full-body tracking with finger capture and haptic feedback.

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