Use Cases

MANUS | Sizzle Reel 2023

Take a look at some of the inspiring work made in 2023 so far with the MANUS Quantum Metagloves, MANUS Prime X, MANUS Prime X Haptic VR, Xsens Gloves by MANUS and MANUS Polygon.

Cello Project | Wednesday

Watch this video and see how Mocap Solution recreated this iconic scene from the NETFLIX hit series Wednesday.

"The idea of the project came to me to show the work of the Xsens MVN link suit and Xsens metagloves by MANUS™. On the eve of the start of the project, I watched the TV series "Wednesday" and of course, I was inspired by the scene with the cello as a musician an animator."

Enzo: Vitruvian Metahuman | Real-Time Filmmaking in UE5 with Mesh to Meta Plugin

Watch this amazing Real-Time short film made with Unreal Engine 5 by Gabriella Krousaniotakis (Feeding_Wolves) and Tomas Sackmann.

Unreal World Cup Toy Animation | Bleacher Report

Watch this great World Cup 2022 animation made by Mark Cannataro for The Bleacher Report.

"I had the pleasure of collaborating with the creative minds at  @brfootball to create this animation for them as a hype tape for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. It took me about 4 months from start to finish to animate and render, and the music track "I'm Better Than Most Are" was composed and performed by the extremely talented Mike Monson."

MANUS | Sizzle Reel 2022

Take a look at some of the inspiring work made in 2022 with the MANUS Prime X, MANUS Prime X Haptic VR, Xsens Gloves by MANUS and MANUS Polygon.

The Matrix Awakens

Watch this video and find out how the team behind 'The Matrix Awakens: An Unreal Engine 5 Experience' built the technical demo.

Ready to see just how deep the rabbit hole goes? Explore how the possibilities of photorealistic virtual worlds have unlocked an entirely new way of filmmaking, and what tools like Meta Human Creator and procedural city generation systems mean for creators.

We hear from key members of the team that worked on the project, including John Gaeta, James McTeigue, Kim Libreri, and more, and dive into everything from creating the digital double of Keanu Reeves to how the wild car chase was filmed.

Want to learn more about Unreal Engine 5? Download the release for free, and explore the new features, sample projects, and learning resources:

Twenty One Pilots: MTV VMA nomination for Best Metaverse Performance

This year’s MTV Video Music Award nominees have been presented. We are proud to announce that Twenty One Pilots have been nominated in the category of ‘Best Metaverse Performance’ for their metaverse concert, which was produced with our Xsens Gloves by MANUS. They received their nomination for their pioneering and interactive virtual concert experience in.

Kite & Lightning: Baby Outlaw

Made by a single artist in three weeks using one pair of Prime II Xsens Gloves by MANUS, an Xsens suit, and an Apple iPhone X. Rendered in realtime in the Unreal Engine.

Kite & Lightning is blends gaming, social, and story to create emotionally transformative experiences.

Founded by film industry veterans in 2013, the company is currently creating immersive computer-generated (CG) worlds that meld cinematic storytelling with interactive gaming. Known for its unprecedented technical and creative innovations in storytelling, the Los Angeles-based company has succeeded in many genres to critical acclaims such as the Cannes Lions festival and the Toronto International Film Festival POP exhibits.

Take a look at his Baby Yoda spoof music video for Elle King's song Baby Outlaw. Grogu (Baby Yoda), Mando, a gangster Blurrg, and many more characters from The Mandalorian are featured in this creative music video. A must-watch for everyone with a passion for motion capture!

John Legend LIVE | by Wave

John Legend gave a virtual concert introducing his new album Bigger Love.

The concert was hosted by Wave with the use of the Prime Xsens gloves. John Legend was equipped with an Xsens suit to track his body movements. To empower the suit Wave made use of the Prime Xsens gloves to animate the individual fingers.

Due to the direct implementation of the Xsens Gloves by MANUS inside of Xsens MVN software, there was no major change in the pipeline created for this project.

Find out more about the Prime I Xsens.

Find out more about our partnership with Xsens.

MANUS | Sizzle Reel 2021

Take a look at some of the inspiring work made with the MANUS Prime X, MANUS Prime X Haptic VR and Xsens Gloves by MANUS.

T-Pain School Of Business | by Wave

T-Pain gives a virtual concert wearing an Xsens suit together with the Prime Xsens gloves to animate his album mascot in real-time.

The MANUS Prime Xsens gloves were featured during an episode of T-Pain School of Business.

T-Pain was a visitor at Wave who, during the COVID-19, supply fans with virtual concerts with artists from various genres. Wave uses the Xsens technology, including our gloves, to do motion capture on the move. The Prime Xsens series are integrated into MVN Animate. That way, the motion capture industry has more freedom of how and where to do the capturing.

Find out more about the Prime I Xsens.

Find out more about our partnership with Xsens.

Royal Netherlands Army: Multiplayer Operator Training

The Royal Netherlands Army uses VR for different kinds of training.

Using the multiplayer platform of our partner VREE in combination with the MANUS VR Gloves, military personnel can be easily trained in a virtual environment.

Bluedrop: High-End Virtual Procedural Training

A fully immersive virtual training device That utilizes MANUS Prime for mission-specific external load hoisting operations.

The rescue hoist training system allows the trainee to practice mission-critical skills in a safe, true-to-life environment.Trainees practice realistic rescue and hoisting operations in challenging scenarios complete with realistic cable behavior that responds to flight dynamics and operator inputs.

Find out more about the Prime Series Haptic Gloves.

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