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No Occlusion Finger Tracking for OptiTrack.

MANUS Mocap Gloves are the best way to add finger tracking to Motive:Body 3. Fully integrated and easy to set up, with phenomenal tracking accuracy. Check our Motive 3 knowledge article for more information.

Record & Export

Upgrade your motion capture with intricate finger movement. Record life-like motion and integrate expressive finger data in your Motive 3 pipeline. Enhance your character animation and analyze all movement using Motive 3.

Through the direct integration with Motive 3, you export to all Motive 3 supported file formats.

Live Streaming

Visualize life-like finger movement in real-time for the best previz you’ve ever seen. Capture detailed expressions for live performances. Keep an eye on your data with live monitoring.

Through the direct integration with Motive 3, you can stream to all Motive 3 supported integrations.

Recording Pipeline

Live Streaming Pipeline

Use Cases

Movement Sciences

image: MIT

OptiTrack systems offer the world’s leading blend of measurement accuracy and simple, easy-to-use workflows which provide researchers and biomechanists with ideal 3D tracking data for their studies.

Virtual Production

Take your previs pipeline closer to the final result by adding convincing hand capture. Improve your previsualization process by adding hands and fingers, allowing you to more accurately frame your shots and tell the story.

Performance Capture

The Matrix Awakens (2023)

Have more time to spend on storytelling and less on manual keyframing or data cleanup. Avoiding hand-tracking occlusion issues for any high-end Mocap Studio. Elevating characters with lifelike and intuitive hand capture.

Also Compatible with:

Quantum tracking

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