Note: This article applies to both Prime 3 Haptic XR Gloves and Prime 3 Mocap Gloves

Note: This article applies to both Quantum Mocap Metagloves and Quantum XR Metagloves.

Getting Started

  1. Turn on your home PC, launch Steam, and login.
  2. Ensure your Meta Quest headset is connected to the same network as your host PC.
  3. Download and install the Steam Link app in your headset from the Meta Quest store. You can also download it from the Meta Quest app on your phone.
  4. After you’ve installed Steam Link, open it and follow the on-screen instructions for connecting your headset to your home PC.

Find more about Steam Link on Quest Here.

Custom Offset

Using custom controllers/trackers with custom offset.

  1. Attach the controllers/trackers to the mounts and slide them onto the gloves.
  2. Run MANUS core and make sure the gloves are paired to a dongle that is connected to a user profile.
  3. Click on the settings tab in Manus Core
  1. Under Tracking Systems Select “OpenVR(SteamVR)”.
    If OpenVR (SteamVR) does not show up here, click the refresh icon on the top right
  1. Close the Settings menu.
  2. Click on your user profile in the Users tab.
  3. Open the Scene view.
  4. Assign the headset and controllers/trackers to the body parts they are attached to.
  1. Click on Calibrate in the Trackers section.
  2. If the tracker type is not included in the list, set the tracker type to “Other” and follow the calibration steps as animated on screen:
  1. After the calibration, if the offset of the hands needs to be adjusted, the hand offset settings can be tweaked until one is satisfied with it.

The “Translation” values are to move the hand on the X Y Z axis relative to the tracker’s position.
The “Rotation” values are to rotate the hand on the X Y Z axis relative to the tracker’s rotation.

To check the alignment, place your palms together with both left and right hands, ensuring that the fingertips of each hand are precisely aligned. This will help you determine if the alignment matches that of your actual hands.

  1. You can save the offset for future use by clicking on “Save to XML.”
  2. Click Apply and Close.

After the changes have been saved in Core, they will also apply to our Unity and Unrealplugins.

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