Note: This article applies to both Prime 3 Haptic XR Gloves and Prime 3 Mocap Gloves

Note: This article applies to both Quantum Mocap Metagloves and Quantum XR Metagloves.


This guide will help you merge simultaneously captured Shogun body and MANUS hand data recordings.

Installing the Post Script

Download from Resource Center

Obtain the Shogun Post script from the Resource Center.

Placing the Scripts
  • Locate the Shogun scripts folder in your Shogun installation directory. It's typically found at "Program Files/Vicon/ShogunPost1.x [version number]/scripts/FileIO".
  • Copy the downloaded scripts and place them in this directory.


To ensure a smooth merging process, follow these recommendations during the data capturing phase:

Recommended Capture Method

Setup Vicon Shogun Live to broadcast capture and select Vicon as the remote trigger. MANUS Core will then automatically start, stop and save. The recordings will be saved in the capture folder specified in Shogun Live. Make sure the folder specified in Shogun Live actually exists.

Naming Conventions

For convenience, name the user(s) in MANUS Core identically to the subject(s) in Shogun. This helps streamline the merging process.

Timecode Usage

It's recommended to use timecode to ensure that the recordings are synchronized between Shogun and MANUS Core.

Exporting for Merge

Configure the following export settings to prepare your data for merging:

Export Settings
  • Export file per "User."
  • Export the full skeleton.
  • Hand Motion set to "None."
  • Skeleton format to "Vicon" and "Vicon Default."
  • Match the export framerate with the Vicon body recording you intend to merge.
  • If both Shogun and MANUS Core recordings are time-coded, include the SMPTE timecode signal.
  • Units should be set to "cm."
  • Do not use the first frame as the bind pose.
  • Keyframe reduction and resampling of keyframes are recommended for smoother merging.

Merging in Shogun Post

Follow these steps to merge the MANUS glove data with your Shogun Post data:

Open the Desired Take

Launch Shogun Post and open the take that you want to merge with MANUS data.

Access Script Editor

Navigate to the script editor within Shogun Post.

Open Existing Script File

Select "Open existing file" and locate the "ImportManusFBXFiles.hsl" script file from the installation folder.

Select the Subject

Ensure that the subject in Shogun Post, which you want to merge, is selected.

Run the Script

Execute the script, and a dialog box will appear, prompting you to select the MANUS exported FBX file.

Select the MANUS Exported FBX

Choose the appropriate MANUS exported FBX file from your storage.

Processing and Stitching

Allow the script to process and merge the hand data onto the body data in Shogun Post.

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