Xsens Metagloves | First Time Setup

This article applies to both Prime 3 Haptic XR Gloves and Prime 3 Mocap Gloves

This article applies to both Quantum Mocap Metagloves and Quantum XR Metagloves.

First Time Setup


To use the Xsens Metagloves by MANUS, you will need MANUS Core 2.0. You can get it from the MANUS Resource Center. Register an account, download the MANUS Core installer, and install it on your computer.

MANUS Core is a background application taking care of the glove data. You can configure the gloves in the MANUS Core Dashboard.

With the MANUS Core software installed, you can now set up the gloves.

Wearing the gloves

The sensors of the glove can be attached to your fingertips in 2 different ways:

1.      You can use the finger sleeves. They come in three sizes and are reusable.

2.       You can use the sports tape. This provides the most secure attachment of the sensors to your fingers.

Once you have chosen your way of attaching the sensors, you can click them in.

Insert the Xsens sensors into the included adapters

And close the clip to secure them in place

Now slide them onto the Metaglove casing

If batteries are not inserted yet please do so using the Battery Lock;


To use your Xsens Metagloves wireless, you’ll need to connect the Metaglove dongle to your computer. Use at least a USB2 port, and make sure there’s nothing between the dongle and gloves for the best wireless connection. We recommend using the gloves up to 15 meters, or about 50 feet, away from the dongle.

Wireless mode

With the dongle connected to your computer, you can connect the gloves wirelessly. You will see the first time setup screen. Choose your username and continue.

Turn the gloves on. When they finish booting, put them in the pairing mode. If the hardware is detected, the icons will turn green.

Wired mode

To use the gloves in the wired mode, use the included USB C cable to plug them into your PC. If you’re using your gloves wired, you don’t need to pair them to a dongle, you only need to turn them on.

Make sure to keep the Dongle plugged in as this holds the Software License.


The Xsens Metagloves use electromagnetic field to track the position of your fingertips. Inside the casing, there is also an IMU to track the rotation of your wrist.

To calibrate the gloves to your hands, use the MANUS Core Dashboard. To calibrate the gloves to your hands, use MANUS Core Dashboard. This process includes 3 poses, with 3 steps per pose. For each pose you will see a preview, then you’ll have time to mimic the pose, and during the last step the pose will be recorded. During the calibration, please mimic the poses in a comfortable fashion.

1.      First, place your hand on a flat surface and close your fingers, but point your thumb outwards.

2.      After that, raise your hand and close all fingers to make a fist

3.      Lastly, touch the base of the palm of your hand repeatedly with your fingertips. Continue till the calibration step is complete.

After you finish the calibration on one glove, follow the same steps for your other hand.

The calibration is saved as part of the profile you have created on your system, so the next time you turn them on, you don’t need to calibrate again.


You can now move to your MVN software and proceed to stream your glove data.

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