Note: This article applies to both Prime 3 Haptic XR Gloves and Prime 3 Mocap Gloves

Note: This article applies to both Quantum Mocap Metagloves and Quantum XR Metagloves.


When you close the MANUS Core Dashboard, Manus Core will run in the background and can still be accessed through the icon in the system tray. If youright click on the icon, you will have four options.

MANUS Dashboard

Clicking this option will launch the MANUS Core Dashboard.

Restart MANUS Core

This button will close and launch MANUS Core again.


Dev Tools

This will open the Dev Tools, where you can set up your skeleton for retargeting in our plugins.

Disable client session timeout

This prevents sessions which are no longer sending signal to MANUS Core from being disconnected.

Compress all Logs in a ZIP

This creates a zip of all relevant logs, which will sometimes we asked for by support to better assist you with problems you may have encountered.

Open Settings folder

This opens the folder where all the settings and your Logs ZIPs are stored.

Reset settings

This clears the settings to its default state. It can be used as a debugging step incase you are experiencing issues.


This will show you which version you are using.


This fully closes MANUS Core.

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