Note: This article applies to both Prime 3 Haptic XR Gloves and Prime 3 Mocap Gloves

Note: This article applies to both Quantum Mocap Metagloves and Quantum XR Metagloves.

Getting Started

Included in the SDK Client zip:
  • ManusSDK
    - ManusSDK.Lib
      The main SDK lib you will need to talk with Manus Core
    - ManusSDK.dll
      The main SDK dll you will need to talk with Manus Core
  • ManusSdkTypes.h
    This contains all the specific types and enumerators used in the SDK.
  • ManusSdkTypeInitializers.h
    This contains all the initializers for the structs used in the SDK.
  • ManusSDK.h
    The interface header for the SDK DLL. this describes all the functions available to the user.
  • SDKMinimalClient.cpp
    This contains all the logic and basic examples to use the SDK. It is only meant as an example on how to work with the
    SDK DLL and not as a template how your own client implementation should look. This is about as minimal as you can get to just get the data of a left hand glove.
  • SDKMinimalClient.hpp
    Header file
  • SDKMinimalClient.vcxproj
    project file
  • packages.config
    This is a third party nuget package reference for logging purposes and is used by the SDKClient.
    if this is not installed on your system use nuget to restore the spdlog_native 2021.7.30 package.
    However Visual studio usually automatically restores the nuget package when you build the solution.

This project will build with visual studio 2019 and 2022 on windows 10/11

Important project settings

  • C++
    - Language
        - C++ Language Standard
            For backwards compatibility the SDK is compiled on the ISO C++ 17 standard.
         - Precompiled headers
            Not using Precompiled Headers
  • Linker
    - Additional Library Directories
       This is for the ManusSDK.dll/lib files

    - Input
        - Additional Dependencies

    - System
       - SubSystem
          The SDKMinimalClient example outputs to the console, but your client may differ. adjust as is needed for your client.

The default SDKMinimalClient.vcxproj already has the above settings in both Debug and Release mode and should compile and run out of the box.

To run succesfully also run Manus Tray or console version and preferably with a dongle and glove connected to the same PC.

When running the client you can run it local. It will search the localhost for a MANUS instance to connect to.

Once running and connected it will show some of the available data as reported by the Manus Host.

For more details on how the interactions are done with the SDK look in the SDKMinimalClient.cpp .

download pdf