Note: This article applies to both Prime 3 Haptic XR Gloves and Prime 3 Mocap Gloves

Note: This article applies to both Quantum Mocap Metagloves and Quantum XR Metagloves.

This guide uses Unity 2021.3 LTS but is also compatible with 2020.3 LTS and 2019.4 LTS

Installing plugin

Download the plugin from our Download Center and extract the zip file.

Import the unity package file into the project.


Make sure all files are selected and then click Import.

Starting with the unity plugin


By default, the plugin is set to connect to local hosts only. It will also auto connect once a localhost is found.

The connection settings can be adjusted in the Communication Hub.
Pressing Get Available Hosts will list all available MANUS Core hosts on the current network.
With Connect locally only it will only search for hosts on the local machine.
Connect Automatically will automatically connect to the first host found.

These settings will be carried over to a build.

After connecting to a host, the next time when Connect Automatically is enabled it will attempt to automatically connect to that previously used host.


Setting up a model to animate

Import a model.

Place it within the scene. In this sample it is shown as a full body model, but a hand model can be used in the same way.

Go to the root of the Model and add the MANUS Skeleton component.
It can be found under Manus/Skeletons or search for Skeleton in the component menu.

Press setup nodes.

Skeleton Type should be set to the type being used. When using just a hand model set it to Hand. For a full body model set it to Both, for a body only model set it to Body.

Press Send skeleton to tool to send the skeleton to the MANUS DevTools for chain allocation.

For in depth documentation on MANUS DevTools, please read this article.

For this example, the chains will be automatically allocated, and we can immediately export it back to unreal.

You can hit the Send to plugin button, which will send the model back to Unity.

In Unity press Load skeleton from tool to load in the changes.

Make sure Hand Motion Type is set to the correct option.
Use IMU uses the gloves orientation. Tracker uses a tracker’s orientation and position.  If you do not want the tracker’s position, you can select Tracker_Rotation_Only.
If you want to automatically use tracker data when a tracker is installed and otherwise use glove data, you can select Auto.

Set Targeted Data to specify where the skeleton should get its data from.

The skeleton is now ready to be animated.

When entering play mode, the skeleton will animate.

Please check the Manus Unity Plugin 2.0Documentation for reference and more in-depth information.


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